Sign-ups open May 7th

Campfire Tails 2018 Registration

Key Information

Registration for Campfire Tails is online-only; there is NO on-site registration.

You must be 18 years of age to attend Campfire Tails, and must show government-issued photo ID at check-in.

We are limiting this year’s event to 230 attendees.

Registrations cannot be transferred, but you can request a refund before the refund deadline.

For full details, see the Registration Policy.

How to Register

  1. Sign up as part of a registration group.

    The first registration group (Group A) opens for sign-ups at 6:00 AM on Monday, May 7th and closes at 5:59 AM on Monday, May 14th.

    There is a new registration group every week, with the last group (Group L) sign-ups closing at 5:59 AM on Monday, July 30th.

    It doesn’t matter what time within a week you sign up, but it does matter what group you are in. If there’s someone you want to attend with, it’s critical that they sign up during the same week as you, so that they are in the same registration group as you.

  2. Pay for your registration when you get a spot.

    At the beginning of each week (Monday at 6:00 AM):

    If there are enough spots available for everyone in a registration group:

    We enable registration for everyone in that group. We’ll notify you by email that it’s time to finish your registration, and you’ll have one week to sign in and pay for your registration.

    If there aren’t enough spots for everyone in a registration group:

    We shuffle the sign-ups in the group and add them to the queue to register. Whatever spots we have available are allocated to the queue by twos, and we enable registration for the people we allocated spots to.

    You’ll be notified by email if spots are allocated to you, and you’ll have one week to sign in and pay for your registration. After you complete and pay for your own registration, you can assign the +1 spot to somebody else who is in the same registration group as you and hasn’t gotten a spot. They’ll have until the same deadline you did (Monday at 5:59 AM) to complete and pay for their registration. (If they don’t, they’ll go back to where they were in the queue.)

    If you don’t get a spot, you’ll stay where you are in the registration queue. New groups are added to the end of the queue, so nobody in group B will get a chance to register until everyone in group A has, and so forth.

If a spot or spots are allocated to you but you don’t complete your registration within the 1-week deadline, you will be removed from the registration queue and will no longer be a part of the registration group you were in. If you still want to go, you can sign up again to be part of a later registration group, but it will not be possible for someone to assign a +1 spot to you unless they remove themselves from the queue and sign up again with you, as part of the same registration group.

When registration is enabled for you, we’ll notify you by email on Monday morning, and send follow-up reminders on Thursday and Sunday. You can also check your status at any time by signing in to the registration system.


All registration options include 3 meals a day prepared by our glorious kitchen crew: Everyone gets hot supper, Patrons get hot breakfast, and Sponsors and Patrons get hot lunch.

You can upgrade your registration at any time until 5:59 AM on Monday, July 16th. After that time, upgrades are closed and new registrations will be limited to the “Attendee” option.

CFT2018 Attendee — $60

Admission to Campfire Tails with full event access, cold breakfast and lunch, and a hearty hot dinner.

CFT2018 Sponsor — $90

All benefits of regular admission plus hot lunch, a convention T-Shirt, and a special Sponsor gift.

CFT2018 Patron — $120

All benefits of regular admission plus hot breakfast, hot lunch, a convention T-Shirt personalized with your name, and a special Patron gift in addition to the Sponsor gift.

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The first registration group sign-ups open at 6:00 AM on Monday, May 7th.

If you plan on coming, you should get involved with the community on our forum.

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