Registration Policy

Last Updated: 2017-04-03

Registration Policy

Key Information

  • There are big changes for 2017. There’s a registration lottery this year. Please read this document carefully.

  • There is no on-site registration. You must register and pay online in order to attend Campfire Tails.

  • Registrations cannot be transferred. Only registered individuals can attend Campfire Tails. We will not admit another person in your place. If you decide not to go, you can get a refund before the refund deadline.

Attendance Cap

We are limiting this year’s event to 200 attendees, to ensure we are able to provide for your comfort and safety.

We expect interest to exceed this cap, so we’re using a revolving lottery to distribute the spots fairly.

Key Dates

  • May 15, 6:00 AM - Deadline for last year’s kitchen volunteers to designate someone else for a reserved spot.
  • May 15, 6:00 AM - Start of the first lottery round sign-up.
  • May 22, 6:00 AM - Deadline for the first lottery round sign-up. First batch of registration offers are sent out.
  • Jun 26, 6:00 AM - Deadline for people with a reserved spot to finish registration. Unclaimed spots go back to the registration pool.
  • Jul 17, 6:00 AM - Deadline for registering as a Sponsor or Patron. Refunds requested after this time will not include the cost of the Sponsor or Patron upgrade.
  • Jul 31, 6:00 AM - Deadline for the last lottery sign-up.
  • Jul 31, 6:00 AM - Deadline for requesting a refund.
  • Aug 2, 6:00 AM - Registration closed.

All times are Pacific Daylight Time/UTC-0700.

Registration Process

There are two parts to registration:

  • Sign up for the registration lottery.
  • When you receive a registration offer, finish your registration within 48 hours.

Signing up for the registration lottery

If you want to attend Campfire Tails this year:

  • Log in to the registration system.
  • Fill out your personal and emergency contact information.
  • Confirm that you intend to register if you get a registration spot.

The first sign-up round starts at 6:00 AM on Monday, May 15th and lasts for exactly one week. Every week is another sign-up round.

The last sign-up round ends at 6:00 AM on July 31st.

At the end of each sign-up round, the entries received during that round are shuffled together and added to the end of the registration queue.

Finishing your registration

When spots are available, we offer them in the order of the registration queue.

When you get a registration spot, you will receive a registration offer by email, and you will have 48 hours to:

  • Select the registration options you want.
  • Finish the check-out process and pay for your registration online using PayPal.

If you don’t finish your registration within 48 hours, you will be put back on the end of the queue at the end of the current sign-up round.

You can see your position in the registration queue by logging in to the registration system.

If you change your mind about going, please log in and remove yourself from the queue.

+1 Spots

You’d love to go if your buddy can go, but what if the lottery is cruel and splits you apart? We’ve got an answer for that. Your registration offer is really for two spots!

After you finish your registration, you can give your second spot to someone in the registration queue who doesn’t already have a spot.

This person has to be in the registration queue already. It can’t be someone who signed up in the current round and hasn’t been added to the queue yet.

Your +1 has the same deadline as you to finish their registration. If they don’t finish before then, their +1 status goes away, and they become a regular person waiting in the queue.

When you’re a +1, you can also get a chance to +1 someone else, but not right away. We’ll send you another registration offer when you can +1 someone else.

(If you have a reserved spot, your +1 spot is shuffled into the registration queue amongst the first sign-up round. When you receive that +1 spot, you have 48h to use it, which requires you to finish your own registration first. If you don’t use the +1 spot, you can still register yourself up to the reservation deadline, but you won’t have a +1 spot any more.)


All registrations must be completed and paid for online using PayPal. If can’t do this yourself, you may have another person pay for your registration and repay them privately.


Please register only if you’re sure you’re going. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way, so we do offer refunds if requested before the refund deadline.

Refunds must be requested online, through the registration system.

You cannot give your registration to someone else. If your registration is refunded or cancelled for any reason, your spot will go back to the registration pool.

Refunds will be sent via PayPal only, and will not exceed the amount actually paid. Credits for volunteering are a discount, not an amount owed to you.

Patron and Sponsor upgrades will not be refunded after 6:00 AM, July 17th, because we’ve already ordered your gifts. You can get the basic attendance amount refunded, and you’ll receive your gifts by mail.

The final deadline for requesting a refund is 6:00 A.M. on Monday, July 31st.

Eligibility to Attend


For liability and insurance reasons, you must be 18 years of age to attend Campfire Tails. Specifically, you may only attend Campfire Tails 2017 if you were born on or before August 3rd, 1999.

Registration Information

You must provide complete and accurate information when registering to attend Campfire Tails, specifically including your full legal name, birthdate, telephone number, and emergency contact information.

Supplying false, misleading, or incomplete information during registration may result in the cancellation of your registration.

Furthermore, by creating an account, signing up, or completing the registration process, you warrant that the information you are providing is your own.

Our capacity is limited, and we have no interest in seeing it wasted on those who do not care enough to complete registration themselves.

Proof of Identity

At check-in, you must show one of the following forms of government-issued photo identification:

  • Drivers License or State/Province/National ID Card
  • United States Permanent Resident Card
  • Military ID
  • Passport, Passport Card or Trusted Traveler Program Card (Global Entry, NEXUS, FAST, or SENTRI)

It is your responsibility to have ID prior to registering for Campfire Tails. If you cannot show an accepted form of ID during check-in, you will be denied entry to the event, and your registration will be forfeit.

If you change your name after registering, you will need to bring proof of the change with you to check-in.