Registration Policy

Last Updated: 2018-04-14

Registration Policy

Key Information

  • There is no on-site registration. You must register and pay online in order to attend Campfire Tails.

  • Registrations cannot be transferred. Only registered individuals can attend Campfire Tails. We will not admit another person in your place. If you decide not to go, you can get a refund before the refund deadline.

Attendance Cap

We are limiting this year’s event to 230 attendees.

Key Dates

  • May 7, 5:59 AM - Deadline for last year’s kitchen volunteers to designate someone else for a reserved spot.
  • May 7, 6:00 AM - First registration group (Group A) sign-up opens.
  • May 14, 6:00 AM - First registration offers go out.
  • Jun 18, 5:59 AM - Deadline for people with a reserved spot to finish registration. Unclaimed spots go back to the pool.
  • Jul 16, 5:59 AM - Deadline for upgrading or registering as a Sponsor or Patron. Refunds requested after this time will not include the cost of the Sponsor or Patron upgrade.
  • Jul 30, 5:59 AM - Deadline for requesting a refund.
  • Jul 30, 5:59 AM - Last registration group (Group L) sign-up closes.
  • Aug 1, 5:59 AM - Registration closes. (Deadline for last-minute registration offers.)

All times are Pacific Daylight Time/UTC-0700.

Eligibility to Attend


For liability and insurance reasons, you must be 18 years of age to attend Campfire Tails. Specifically, you may only attend Campfire Tails 2018 if you were born on or before August 2nd, 2000.

Registration Information

You must provide complete and accurate information when registering to attend Campfire Tails, specifically including your full legal name, birthdate, telephone number, and emergency contact information.

Supplying false, misleading, or incomplete information during registration may result in the cancellation of your registration.

Furthermore, by creating an account, signing up, or completing the registration process, you warrant that the information you are providing is your own.

Our capacity is limited, and we have no interest in seeing it wasted on those who do not care enough to complete registration themselves.

Proof of Identity

At check-in, you must show one of the following forms of government-issued photo identification:

  • Drivers License or State/Province/National ID Card
  • United States Permanent Resident Card
  • Military ID
  • Passport, Passport Card or Trusted Traveler Program Card (Global Entry, NEXUS, FAST, or SENTRI)

It is your responsibility to have ID prior to registering for Campfire Tails. If you cannot show an accepted form of ID during check-in, you will be denied entry to the event, and your registration will be forfeit.

If you change your name after registering, you will need to bring proof of the change with you to check-in.


All registrations must be completed and paid for online using PayPal. If can’t do this yourself, you may have another person pay for your registration and repay them privately.


Please register only if you’re sure you’re going. Of course, sometimes life gets in the way, so we do offer refunds if requested before the refund deadline.

Refunds must be requested online, through the registration system.

You cannot give your registration to someone else. If your registration is refunded or cancelled for any reason, your spot will go back to the registration pool.

Refunds will be sent via PayPal only, and will not exceed the amount actually paid. Credits for volunteering are a discount, not an amount owed to you.

Patron and Sponsor upgrades will not be refunded after 5:59 AM, July 16th, because we’ve already ordered your gifts. You can get the basic attendance amount refunded, and you’ll receive your gifts by mail after you confirm it’s OK to ship them to you.

The final deadline for requesting a refund is 5:59 A.M. on Monday, July 30th.

Registration Process

There are two parts to registration:

  1. Sign up for a registration group.
  2. When registration is enabled for you, finish your registration within the week.

Signing up for a registration group

If you want to attend Campfire Tails:

  1. Log in to the registration system.
  2. Fill out your personal and emergency contact information.
  3. Join the currently-open registration group.

The first registration group (Group A) opens for sign-ups at 6:00 AM on Monday, May 7th and closes at 5:59 AM on Monday, May 14th.

There is a new registration group every week, with the last group (Group L) sign-ups closing at 5:59 AM on Monday, July 30th.

Weekly Process

At the beginning of each week (Monday at 6:00 AM):

  1. Registration offers that were sent out the previous week expire.
  2. The previous week’s registration group sign-ups are shuffled and added to the end of the registration queue.
  3. On a group-by-group basis, available spots are allocated to the registration queue.

Each group is processed in order. (Group B won’t get any spots until everyone in group A has or had the opportunity to register, and so forth.)

The way spots are allocated to a group in the queue depends on whether there are enough spots for everyone remaining in that group:

When there are enough spots available for everyone in a group:

We enable registration for everyone remaining in that group, who will have 1 week (until Monday at 5:59 AM) to complete their registration.

When this happens, there will not be any option of assigning a +1 spot, because everyone it could be assigned to already has or had a chance to register.

If you miss this deadline, but still want to go, you will need to sign up again as part of a different registration group.

When there aren’t enough spots for everyone in a group:

Spots are allocated by twos to the first members of the group (as many as we can), and we enable registration for those individuals.

Registering and assigning a +1 Spot

If you were allocated two spots per the registration queue:

  • You have until 5:59 AM the following Monday to complete and pay for your registration.

    If you miss this deadline, but still want to go, you will need to sign up again as part of a different (later) registration group. Note that it will NOT be possible for someone in the registration group you were removed from to assign you a +1 spot. To do so, they would need to drop from the queue and sign up again, as part of the same new registration group as you.

  • After paying for your registration, you may assign the second spot, the “+1 spot”, to someone else who:

    • Is in the same registration group as you.

    • Doesn’t already have a spot.

    This spot (and the ability to assign it) expires at 5:59 AM on Monday.

Registering as a +1

If you are assigned a +1 spot by someone else:

  • Registration is enabled for you for the remainder of the week.

    You have until the same deadline to complete your own registration as the person who assigned the spot to you (Monday at 5:59 AM).

    If you miss this deadline, you will go back to where you were in the registration queue.

  • If you register as someone else’s +1, you will not be able to assign a +1.

Appendix: Reserved Spots

How do I get a reserved spot?

We reserve spots for:

  • Current staff.

  • People with registration credits, such as a volunteer credit earned the previous year.

  • People who are assigned an “extra reserved spot” by someone who earned a volunteer credit by working in the kitchen the previous year.

    (Note: This is not the same as a “+1 spot.”)

How do I know if I have a reserved spot?

You will be notified by private message on the forum.

How does registration work if I have a reserved spot?

When you sign in to the registration system:

  • Instead of having the option to join a registration group, you’ll have the option to complete and pay for your registration right away.

  • After you complete and pay for your registration, you’ll have the option to join whatever registration group is open at the time.

    You may exercise this option immediately, use it during a future registration group’s sign-up period, or ignore it entirely. However, you may only exercise this option once.

Why would I want to join a registration group if I’ve already registered?

(Note: This is only possible if you register using a reserved spot.)

By joining a registration group, you gain the opportunity to assign a +1 spot to someone else in that group. (Maybe.)

When there aren’t enough spots for everyone in the group you joined:

If and when you would be allocated two spots (if you weren’t already registered), you’ll be allocated one spot instead, and be able to assign this spot (as a +1 spot) to somebody else who is in the group (and who wound up further back in the queue than you).

When there are enough spots for everyone in the group you joined:

You won’t get the opportunity to assign a +1 spot, but that won’t matter because anyone you could have given it to got a chance to register anyway.

(If this happens, your option to join a registration group is still spent, even though you didn’t get to do anything as a result of it.)

Why does this option exist?

In the situation where we don’t have enough spots for everyone, someone’s likelihood of getting to go increases with the number of people who’d give them a +1 spot if they need it.

Without this option, friends of people with reserved spots would be at a disadvantage—they’d effectively be on their own instead of whoever gets spots being able to +1 to the other.

What happens if my reserved spot expires?

Your spot will be released to the pool.

If you still want to go, you’ll have the option to join whatever registration group is open at the time, the same as if you didn’t have a reserved spot.

(Any credits towards your registration will still be there.)