Campfire Tails 2019: Furassic Park

Campfire Tails is a furry gathering at the Ogden Group Camp in the Deschutes National Forest near La Pine, Oregon featuring some of the best night skies in the continental USA!

Surrounded by pine forest and a nearby stream, this high desert campground is transformed from being a mere smattering of picnic tables, well water spigots and outhouses into a buzzing tent city home to some of the most fun people you will ever meet.

There are no individual rental spaces at the site, and we have reserved the entire group space.

The Lowdown

Campfire Tails is very different from a standard hotel convention.

Here, there are no hotel rooms to book, no Guests of Honor, no conference rooms, and no nearby restaurants. Instead, we provide three meals to eat a day, bathroom and shower facilities, and four days of events and activities!

Whether you’re into hiking, swimming, dancing, board gaming, doodling, or visiting our T-Rex pit, CFT has something for everyone.

The structure of CFT is based on attendee­driven events called Happenings. From large theme camps to discussion groups, sporting events to drinking games, a Happening here is any attendee-organized occurrence requiring cooperation and coordination between attendees and staff.

Everyone is encouraged to get involved and bring their own charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to the Campfire Tails experience!

Our theme is Furassic Park

For more information about 2019’s theme, see the Furassic Park Announcement on the forum.


Ogden Group Camp provides fresh water spigots at 4 locations on site, 3 regularly maintained outhouses, and numerous picnic tables and fire­pits.

Meanwhile, Campfire Tails provides 3 meals a day, private shower stalls, and gratuitous entertainment.

Cell phone reception varies by network, and there is NO electricity on­site! (If you want to make sure your gear is powered all weekend, remember to bring a car charger.)

RVs and campers under 28’ long are allowed, but keep in mind there are no RV hookups.

Those with camp constructs requiring early setup are encouraged to sign up as a Theme Camp and coordinate with us on the forum.


The campsite is adjacent to the Peter Skene Ogden Scenic Trail, a 9­mile day-hike and mountain biking trail from camp to the Newberry Caldera, Paulina Lake, and East Lake regions.

The lakes & caldera can also be reached by a short drive down the road, and are crisscrossed by more trails, providing opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and fishing.


Campfire Tails is…

  • 9 mi from La Pine
  • 25 mi from Bend
  • 189 mi from Portland
  • 353 mi from Seattle
  • 415 mi from Sacramento
  • 461 mi from San Francisco
  • 494 mi from Vancouver BC
  • 2436 mi from Toronto
  • 2820 mi from Isla Sorna

Ogden Group Camp has no postal address.

The coordinates of the camp entrance are 43.7272, -121.4236.

From U.S. Route 97, turn east onto Paulina­-East Lakes Rd at the exit marked “Newberry Caldera / Paulina­-East Lakes”. The site entrance is 2.8 miles down Paulina­-East Lakes Road, on the left.

What to Bring

Check out the community-maintained list on our forum of What to Bring to CFT.