Campfire Tails 2016

Over the River and Through the Woods

Campfire Tails 2016

Over the River and Through the Woods

Sure, everyone knows the stories.

We’d all been taught them about this place. Don’t leave a trail of breadcrumbs? Got it. This time we used jerky. Listen, this is 2016, and we have no more room for these so called “Fairy Tales”. The Good Dog is only a relative term of self worth. There are no real “Good” furs or “Naughty” furs, either. Or the scary things that happen to them. I mean, of course there’s no basket-wearing goat monster waiting to carry away naughty furs, or cottages made of bones, Is there really a pretty toy drum out in the woods waiting to be played? Well, maybe. They’re called drum circles, and they’re cultural.

Anyways, here’s this crazy idea.

If the enchanted woods are safe, then what would be the harm of camping in the middle of it with your friends?

Good question. And the answer is “None.” There is no harm in camping out in the enchanted woods with your friends. There will be no glowing ghosts in the woods, or redcapped goblins lurking nearby. We’re adults. Let’s go camping.

~ Crowley Mounier

What is Campfire Tails?

A yearly outdoor furry gathering.


August 4th - August 8th, 2016


Deschutes National Forest near La Pine, Oregon


Camp under the stars and explore the woods with furs from all over the west coast ...and beyond!

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