Privacy Policy

Any information you provide to us may be retained indefinitely and used for internal purposes by Campfire Tails. We will never sell your personal information to any third party, but some information may be published or disclosed as outlined in this policy.

We will comply with all lawful orders requiring us to release information to law enforcement and/or other government agencies of relevant jurisdiction. We also reserve the to right to voluntarily release any information we have, if we have a good faith belief that doing so is in your best interest.

We consider aggregated information and statistics that cannot be associated with individuals to no longer be private information, and reserve the right to publish and/or share this information.

Automatically Collected Information

Any information transmitted to us by your web browser or intermediate systems may be retained and used by us for internal purposes. This includes, but is not limited to: your IP address, what pages and resources are being accessed, information about your web browser, and any cookies we have stored on your computer.

We use cookies to track your access to our websites and applications, as well as enable session and login functionality for applications such as the Campfire Tails Forum.

We also use Google Analytics to track your access to our websites and applications. This is software that your web browser loads from servers operated by Google, which upon execution may transmit information to Google about your computer and activities on our websites and applications, as well as store cookies on your computer. The collection, retention, use and disclosure of such information is governed by the Google Privacy Policy.


Any information you provide when registering for an account on the forum, including automatically collected information, may be shared with one or more third parties for the purpose of identifying and blocking forum accounts likely to be used for spam.

Any information you provide as part of your profile on the Forum, or post in a message on the forum, is public.

There is no guarantee of privacy concerning the "Private Message" functionality of the forum.

Attending Campfire Tails

With the following exceptions, the personal information you provide when registering to attend Campfire Tails is kept private and is not shared with any third parties.

The "Furry Name" you choose to have printed on your badge and the type of registration you select are public information. We publish this information as part of your forum profile and elsewhere, for informational and promotional purposes.

The information you provide to PayPal when paying for registration is governed by the PayPal Privacy Policy. We retain all information that PayPal provides us about the transaction.

Medical Information

The medical information you provide during check-in is not retained after the event. We allow only staff responsible for your safety to view this information, but will share it with other responders in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, any food allergy information you provide may be shared with the kitchen staff.